About Brian Chan

Brian Chan is a professional fisheries biologist a member of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia, a fly fishing author, video producer and lecturer.




The presence of stoneflies in a river or stream has always been a good indicator of a healthy aquatic environment. These members of the insect order Plecoptera are found in cool, well oxygenated flowing waters and occasionally along the wave-swept … Continue reading


Freshwater Shrimp


The presence of shrimp or scuds in a lake or stream tells us a lot about the relative productivity of that water body. Freshwater shrimp flourish in nutrient rich, alkaline waters. Shrimp require high levels of dissolved calcium in the … Continue reading




Damselflies belong to the insect order Odonata. Members of the relatively primitive insect order are widely distributed from the tropics to the arctic. Worldwide there are in excess of 650 species of this insect order. The order Odonata is broken … Continue reading


Chironomid Tactics


To many North American fly fishers, chironomids are those very tiny patterns imitated on hook sizes #18 to #24 or smaller that are also found in lakes but are more common in rivers and especially productive tailwaters. However, the larval and pupal … Continue reading