Sequence Switching

OK, this has nothing to do with Genetics.

Or does it?

All my life I tied without realising for the most part I did so left-handed while being ambidextrous in some tasks. It was my friend Pete, that finally pointed this out to me (thanks mate) when first he saw the tying sequences in this website in 2006. He failed to mention it when we used to tie flies at the same table in the 80s. I’m not exactly sure where my ‘both handedness’ came from but find it is limited to the realm of fly-tying and DIY for the most part. Is this genes at work or a learned behaviour I wonder.

Either way, the upshot of my way of tying was the sequences I published were catering for the minority; a situation appreciated by the left-handers and subsequently mentioned in some kind emails. Of course I was concerned to cater to the whole community, so decided to duplicate all said pages with flipped images. This I hoped was good for readers, but proved hard work for me.

Then along came new technology and I’m now able to program my pages so a reader can switch the images at will, from left to right and vice-versa. It works just fine saving me time and reader’s bandwidth. The only characteristic I wonder about, is where photos show me cutting materials; sometimes I’m working the tools right handed and sometimes left. I think this is OK. I hope so.

Anyway, long live both handedness!

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3 thoughts on “Sequence Switching

  1. ‘He failed to mention it when we used to tie flies at the same table in the 80s.’
    I was sat opposite you so everything was lateraly reversed and looked completely normal!
    (anyway why should I let the cat out of the bag so soon?)


    • I suppose there really was no reason to mention it. Watching you tie must have looked right from my side of the table just the same, else maybe I’d have said something. One thing is likely though: If you never had, on one hand it would have saved me loads of time, on the other, I would have left a lot of tyers wondering what the heck I was playing at with ‘wrong’ handed pictures… So, ta again!

  2. Hey man Thanks for the image left-right flip thing in tying and fly pattern posts. Sure makes life sweeter for us lefties :-)