Bonefish: A Fishing Odyssey


I think it must have been one of the American authors – John Gierach springs to mind – who once said he never even wanted to try blue-water fishing because he knew too well what the pull of those turbo-charged … Continue reading


Snowbee bug fishing rod review


When it comes to fly rods, conventional wisdom says the longer the better. Quite apart from practical things like power and reach, there’s all that weight of history and tradition going right back to 1496 and the old “loop-rods” in … Continue reading




Could this be the answer to our woes? Endorsed by the Federation of Fly Fishers and stocked by Orvis, this has got to be a worthwhile addition to our kit. Fly Fishers’ Republic got hold of a Monomaster and report their findings in this review. In short, we think you’ll like it. Continue reading


Overboard waterproof back-pack


If ever you’ve reached out your daypack a dripping camera, a wet fly box, or a soggy sandwich, you just might appreciate this offering from OverBoard. A couple months back the magazine contacted OverBoard to get a closer look at their Premium 100% Waterproof … Continue reading


Chena River Wader


I received these breathable fly fishing waders and boots towards the end of last year and have been testing them out over the winter whilst teaching casting on the river Thames near Maidenhead. Though I’d hoped to give them a trial in … Continue reading


Classic 444 – Clear Creek


The is Cortland line’s extra long, supple tip allows a “natural fly presentation,” giving an eerie sensation as it almost hovers, before resting on the water. This anti-splash characteristic takes some getting used to. The line is very supple and … Continue reading


Smallmouth Fly Fishing


Tim Holschlag’s latest literary offering, “Smallmouth Fly Fishing,” is a hit! Valuable observations and smallmouth fishing tips are explained in an easy to understand format in this 352-page book. I have seen the few books that have been written on … Continue reading


Fishing Wales Guide


If you haven’t already got a taste for fishing in Wales, this free guide, produced by Visit Wales and Environment Agency Wales, might change matters. The articles and information it contains go a long way to putting you on some … Continue reading


Sage 2500 Series Drag Reels


The 2500 series are lightweight large arbour reels. They’re made from hard anodized, aerospace grade aluminium and are approximately twenty percent lighter (Sage spec.) than their equivalent sized 3000D counterparts. In the hand this weight reduction is quite discernable. The … Continue reading