Sage VT2 Series Rods

The VT2 range includes rods from a 7′ 9″ to a double-handed 14′ 4″ salmon. All models are four-piece blank construction making them good for travel in the smaller sizes. Finished in blue, the rods are trimmed with black & silver whippings with a handle fashioned from Grade 1 cork. The guides are English, consisting on the ’590,’ of a single stripping ring, nine snake rings, one hayfork tip ring and one keeper ring. The reel seat is titanium anodized aluminum with ebony insert on this model and the same on models for smaller line weights. On six weights and heavier there’s a saltwater option having all metal reel seats. Storage comes in the way of a hard blue cordura tube, but no rod bag is provided, only internal divisions within the rod tube itself.

The rod tested is intended for river situations and small still water fishing, although the full range of rods incorporates everything right the way through from brook fishing, saltwater fishing to double-handed salmon fishing.

A recommended retail price of £330 ($400/€480) including a lifetime warranty, places the Sage 590-4 VT in the mid to upper mid price range in broad market terms. Prices for the whole range start from £320 ($385/€465) to £450 ($550/€654) for the double-handed salmon rod.

In use the 590-4 VT is excellent for river fishing. With short crisp strokes it delivers great accuracy. It’s a dream to roll cast, delivering twenty yards plus with ease. In able hands the rods power and backbone make light work of dispensing the full line, while short line work is very crisp and definite. Compared to the usual Sage prices this comes as a significant, refreshing change.

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